In April 2012, Transasia Fine Papers ventured into digital printing. We began to offer complete post press finishing for digital printing. It was just the beginning, from almost the inception TFP has handled paper and print coordination with expertise to ensure best results. In 2014, we have opened doors of Nukkad for digital printing and everything in and around it.


My love for top class stationery and beautifully printed and bound coffee table books is a genetic defect! Being in the fine paper business made matters worse. For years I was a print buyer for my clients and had a trying time dealing with printers. None of the printers offered a solution, all they delivered was prints, that too always late accompanied with a rude surprise. The urge to prove a point that print solutions could be managed professionally and with ease for clients, culminated in the birth of Nukkad Printer in 2014. Nukkad has a simple mission – “to be the most loved printer”. As the name suggests Nukkad will encompass all the basic qualities of a brand and more.


1993. A 16-year-old boy. A head full of innovative printing solutions. And an in-house printing start up called Baba Graphics. If you follow the puzzle, that builds up the beginning of my story and journey in the beautiful, ever-evolving printing industry.

I started Baba Graphics on my own with the determination to create innovative printing solutions. The more excuses and obstacles that cropped up as a hindrance to other printers, the more interested I became. I knew nothing about a computer except to turn it on and off. But I was quick to learn the keys and master my passion for design. So, I soon started designing leaflets and cards on my own and hired a single freelance printer to walk me through. Recognition arrived and Baba Graphics gradually became a 7-member team. We started experimenting new projects and learnt every aspect of printing together.

I joined Linc in 1999 to know more about this industry and get a bird's eye perspective in the field of design and marketing. By 2002, we were all geared to use our knowledge and enthusiasm and launch Transasia Fine Papers. We were determined to bring about that care, crazy quality check and finesse that was completely missing in the printing industry. Because we made a team of obsessive perfectionists, word got out and people swore by us as the best printing hot-shop.

2014 shaped our dream into a focussed reality as we launched Nukkad - Kolkata's friendly neighbourhood printer. Quirky, adaptive, creative and committed - Nukkad believes in executing ideas with utter neatness. Another disorder I proudly nurture - my mania about attaining neatness with a simple plain business card or a well fabricated wedding card. Today, Nukkad comprises a team of 35 enthusiastic rockstars who find joy in creating and learning as a team. A philosophy I abide by - together we are one, alone we are none.



Ironically, the most fun way I choose to relax is with family. Call me boring, but I'd say what's more boring is to work with numbers & finance.

I'm driven to think of myself as a diverse subject-matter expert who tries to bring ground reality into the classroom. My experience in MNC banks, manufacturing and the service industry propel me to mentor and nurture talents. Owing to the huge gap between education, job skills and employment, I am committed to bridge this gap and impart skill development. Nukkad Printers - a three-year-old printing venture masters the business of excellence in printing solutions. My aim is to hone skill development, strategise business communication and offer solution-oriented approach programmes to strength this robust team.

A seeker for prosperity, I believe in the philosophy of Walt Disney - "It's kind of fun to do the impossible."